GTS: World Racing for Windows Mobile
GTS World Racing offers 64 track layouts across 16 worldwide locations.
Bookworm for Pocket PC
Bookworm is quite of an educational game or at least a vocabulary builder.
Dynomite for Pocket PC
A prehistoric version of one of the best puzzle games ever done: Bust-A-Move.
Atomica for Pocket PC
In Atomica, you move balls, called atoms, one at a time across a checkerboard.
Cubis for Pocket PC
This game is a mix of a puzzle-shooter (such as Bust-a-Move) and Bejeweled.
Mars Needs Cows for Pocket PC
In this game you are a Martian invader and your mission is to abduct animals.
Mummy Maze for Pocket PC
In Mummy Maze you are an archaeologist trying to escape from the mummy.
Seven Seas for Pocket PC
The object of the game is to sink all the pirate ships at each level.
Ultimate Bowling Fighter VGA for Pocket PC
Ultimate Bowling Fighter VGA is a great choice for any bowling lover.
Crazy Daisy for Pocket PC
The purpose of the game is to rotate daisys to match petals between them.
My Little Tank for Pocket PC
In this game you control a tank and must carry out several missions.
Westward for Windows Mobile
The aim of Westward is to make you feel in the shoes of the first settlers.
Moonfighter! for Pocket PC
Action game that takes place on the Moon.
Pixelus for Pocket PC
We have to complete the paintings by placing the missing pixels.
StarPop! for Pocket PC
Simple to play, colourful graphics, unlockable characters, cartoon backgrounds.
Glyph for Windows Mobile Smartphone
Several different types of powerup will aid you in your task.